Zhang Wansang, chief architect of LEMANARC Swiss Alliance Design, attended the Let'sTalk Forum

admin on April 14, 2020

The epidemic is like an ocean that gradually isolates us. Faced with the uncertainty of the future and the overwhelmingness of what to do with us, everything is worth rethinking. On April 4th, Zhang Wansang, chief architect of Lemanarc Swiss Alliance Design, was a guest at Let's Talk Cloud Forum and talked with Zhang Yuxing, founder/host designer of ARCityOffice on the theme of "urban public medical center construction", The Chinese University of Hong Kong Professor Zhu Jingxiang of the School of Architecture conducted an in-depth discussion.This lecture not only discussed and reflected on medical architecture under the epidemic, but also on medical behavior, urban construction, career prospects of architects, and even the reshaping of values ​​after the disaster.

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