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Xiamen Hongai Maternity Hospital was nominated for the 2022 Architizer A+ Awards for the Best Medical Building and Space in the World

Xiamen Hongai Maternity Hospital, a new project designed by LEMANARC, has been nominated for the World's Best Medical Architecture and Space Award by the world-renowned Architizer A+, becoming one of the five most influential and best hospital designs in the world in 2022. The Architizer A+ Awards 2022 has publicly announced the winners for this year's 10th edition.Through its renowned platform, A+Awards recognizes these visionary projects to a global audience of more than 400 million.Past winners include Zaha Hadid Architects, Heatherwick Studio, MAD Architects, Studio Gang and more. Lemanarc Design was shortlisted for its pursuit of meaningful architecture in such a complex building typology. A+Awards has a jury of over 250 members made up of diverse design professionals and includes many outstanding personalities.The jury also includes experts from other professional fields such as fashion, publishing, product design, property development and technology.Selection criteria are based on the functional and aesthetic qualities of the entries, as well as their innovation and potential impact.For the "Hospitals and Medical Centers" category, five international projects were nominated.Each challenges the perception of clinical space within its precise health specialty area and has outstanding features.Xiamen Hongai Maternity Hospital is the latest project designed by Lemanarc Switzerland and has achieved great success.Completed in September 2021, the hospital has a construction area of ​​9 square meters and 9.6 beds. It is well-designed and sets a model for providing better professional obstetrics and gynecology services.This increase in efficiency is gained through exploration in its unique and thought-provoking form, designed to make childbirth and its associated medical treatments as memorable as possible.This part of the expansion is also part of the existing Xiamen Hongai Hospital.Its name derives from the intention behind the hospital concept, Hong Ai meaning "spreading love".Its comfortable and safe atmosphere brings users a new hospital experience. ...
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LEMANARC Design Wins the Bid for the Hospital Architectural Design Project of Wuxi Medical and Health Industrial Park

Mr. Vincent Zhang, the chief architect of LEMANARC Swiss Design, led the team to design a plan with the theme of "Cross Windmill, Endless Life" for the Wuxi Medical and Health Industrial Park Hospital Architectural Design Project and won the bid. The project was designed by China Class A Design Institute. group.Wuxi Medical and Health Industrial Park is close to the north side of Wuxi Express Inner Ring Exit, at the crossroads between Wuxi's prosperity and ecology, history and future.Breaking the traditional practice of confusing different types of people in general hospitals, a cross-style model scheme with four parks and nine centers is formed according to the different needs of different groups of people.In addition to creating a smooth underground transportation hub, the integrated design of the river bank planning road underground also returns the river bank park to the citizens.The intensive layout and moving lines improve the operational efficiency, and the open park community spreads out to embrace all directions; the integrated shared spaces for outpatient, inpatient and clinical think tanks are scattered at different heights, supplemented by the design of energy-saving and safe large and small windows, bringing unique features to the city. identity.Ubiquitous courtyards and scattered sky gardens bring sunlight, breeze and views into every clinic and ward. In this project, LEMANARC has demonstrated the great potential of multi-disciplinary integration, sharing and regional services in the future medical park. ...
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The Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital project designed by LEMANARC Switzerland won the 2021 LOOP Design Award for the Best Medical Architecture Award!

The 2021 LOOP Design Awards (LOOP Design Awards) announced the selection results. The joint work of LEMANARC Swiss Union Design and Zhongheng Design Group, Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital, stood out among numerous entries from more than 50 countries and regions and won the "Best Medical Architecture Award". The LOOP Design Award recognizes the most outstanding works in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape design, product design and architectural photography from all over the world.The award jury is composed of internationally renowned architects, designers, media professionals and other creative individuals. The LOOP Design Award is an innovative award that uses an open platform to showcase contemporary design and make the project more well-known internationally. It also celebrates diversity with different award categories.Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital is located in Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital in Suzhou Industrial Park. It covers a total area of ​​156000 square meters, with a total planned construction area of ​​52.1 square meters and a total planned number of 3000 beds. From the first phase, the construction area of ​​800 beds is 13.1. It is composed of a general hospital of square meters and various subject centers that will be expanded in the future.This is another practice by Mr. Zhang Wansang, the chief designer of Swiss Alliance Design, after the Nanjing Gulou Hospital project.The master plan encloses each phase into a modern garden, and at the same time makes the medical space of each phase an interesting healing garden.The simultaneous development of medical function design and planning, architecture, landscape, and interior design established the organic whole of a good hospital in the early stage.The circular cascading podium continuously introduces the garden into the building and the roof; the forty-five-degree layout inspires the rich boundary space around the site; the double-shaped double-ward design brings higher operating efficiency to the hospital; white walls The grey window eaves are in keeping with the tradition of Suzhou.While avoiding excessive decorative design, this high-efficiency, modular, and growable modern garden hospital is also paying tribute to the resort of Jiangnan gardens-Suzhou.In the age of speed and noisy, this life station belonging to Suzhou will quiet down and hear the heartbeat of everyone here. ...
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Zhang Wansang, chief architect of LEMANARC Swiss Alliance Design, attended the Let'sTalk Forum

The epidemic is like an ocean that gradually isolates us. Faced with the uncertainty of the future and the overwhelmingness of what to do with us, everything is worth rethinking. On April 4th, Mr. Zhang Wansang, chief designer of Lemanarc Swiss Alliance Design, was a guest at Let's Talk cloud forum. ...
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Swiss Federal Speaker Moret and her group visit Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

On January 1, His Excellency Isabella Morey, President of the Swiss National Assembly, the Swiss Ambassador to China, Luo Zhiyi, Member of the Swiss National Assembly, Laurent Weili, Chairman of the Swiss-Chinese Group, and Zeng Liwei, Consul General of Shanghai in Shanghai, etc.14 People visited Nanjing and visited Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital that afternoon. ...
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The construction site festival of the sous-le-bourg a Aigle has been held

September 2019, 9, the celebration of construction-site-festival has been held at the building site of the different mixe housing, commercial center and services sous-le-bourg a Aigle. Representatives of the local government, developers and architects attended the ceremony. The chief designer Mr.Vincent Zhang gave a speech on behalf of the architects.
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Shanghai Pudong New Area Cultural Broadcasting and Television Center is about to be completed and put into use!

The project is located in Zhoukang district, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, on the west side of Xiuyan road North Luoshan road, covered an area of 37 mu. In the 2010 international program competition, the "Media Dragon" program designed by LEMANARC won the first prize and became the implementation program.
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Xiamen Hongai Hospital was completed and put into use!

Xiamen Hongai Hospital is located in Huli District, Xiamen City, with a planned total land area of ​​126 mu, a total construction area of ​​33 million square metres, and a total planned bed number of 1380, including 1000 acute medical beds and 380 acute post-care beds. It is a modern three-level non-profit general hospital for medical treatment, first aid, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, teaching and scientific research.