The irregular architectural shape of the hospital also has functional uses: the wavy window sill creates an irregular space with multiple functions for the interior of the building. These spaces can be flexibly configured to be used as window seats, green plants or as a play field. They make the building full of surprises and reflect our design intentions: create a cheerful, free garden, open your mind and accept the children you visit.

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Shanghai Children's Medical Center

In this children's hospital expansion project, the sky garden across the floor becomes the green heart of the entire building. With an open three-dimensional gardening space that penetrates into each floor, we create a caring and friendly healing environment that truly places children at the center of design and use.

  • client: Shanghai Children's Medical Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine
  • Design time: 2012
  • Project size: 59,321 m²
  • project address: Shanghai, China