Going to the city salon.......

By combing the urban texture and constructing the urban salon, the meaning of the sub-layers of the city such as roads, landscapes, humanities, space and commerce is re-understood and superimposed, and the new meaning of the Bund plate will be allocated.

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Shanghai Bund Waterfront Reconstruction Planning and Urban Design

In the plan, we interpret the section from Beijing East Road to Yan'an Road as the north-south boundary of Shanghai's main Bund section. The east side of the border directly reaches the river surface, and the west side border echoes with the Wan Guo Building Complex. It is set at the north and south end. The green space separates the main Bund passage from the air. This unique urban texture seems to be carved out of the stone, shining like a jewel. Back to history, embrace the future, and regain a fresh and readable image of the Bund City Salon.

  • client: Shanghai Planning Bureau
  • Design time: 2007年
  • Project size: 2.5 km²
  • project address: Shanghai, China