Four large courtyard systems were set up: the city courtyard on the landscape plaza, the green courtyard at the emergency room, the sunken medical courtyard, and the roof garden on the top floor of the podium. These four large courtyard systems cover three levels of air, ground and underground. The cascading covers all users of the hospital and radiates to the surrounding area, which has certain social benefits. The inner courtyard is like the old Beijing courtyard, giving patients more green space, helping the hospital's air circulation, energy saving and heat dissipation.

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Shanghai Oriental Hospital

Through the design of the courtyard, the roof garden and the circular garden on the balcony, the gardens and courtyards are everywhere in the hospital, and green life can be seen everywhere. The design interprets the original meaning of the term “hospital” in the most convincing way, with regard for its medical purpose and its ideal architectural form. The symbiosis of courtyards, gardens and buildings is shown in the project, making which a touch of green in the concrete forests of the city.

  • client: Shanghai Oriental Hosptial
  • Design time: 2017
  • Project size: 161,600 sqm
  • project address: Shanghai, China