The design of the whole project is inspired by the moon, simulating the shape and texture of the moon in its external form, and trying to bring a weightless psychological experience to the design of the interior space. Program design fit"aerospace"The theme, whether it is the roof texture of the first aerospace museum or the second-stage lighting patio, is reminiscent of vast space; the design of the inner patio allows visitors to look up to the sky while talking indoors.

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Shanghai Aerospace Navigation Museum

The exterior of the building is solid, stable, and rooted in the ground beneath the feet; while the interior materials are pure and smooth, as if from distant and mysterious outer space. The case is based on the principle of sustainable development and protection of ecology. It reflects the concept of energy-saving design from various details, using low-energy preheating pre-cooled air-conditioning to fresh air, using the roof skylight to open to form natural ventilation, and fully utilizing solar energy when storing electricity and supplying hot water. .

  • client: Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute
  • Design time: 2009
  • Project size: 50,000 sqm
  • project address: Shanghai, China