This project is an old building renovation. The original building is divided into two parts,Truss structure fishing market and 4 Floor frame office, The total floor area is 9320 Square meters. After the project is completed,will be 5 Steel structure,Keep the original truss,And new A basement. After the renovation, the building will attract public visitors to visit the exhibition with its iconic architectural image and good use experience., Become a pearl on the Huangpu River,Enhance the regional image of the entire Yangpu District. 

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Oriental Fisherman's Wharf Riverside Commercial

The preservation of urban history and memory is an important factor in the design of urban space. In the design of Fisherman's Wharf, we tried to evoke memories of the history of the site by retaining the existing structure. The large glass transparent facade ensures the most efficient use of the beautiful river view.

  • client: Shanghai Fisherman's Wharf Investment Development Co., Ltd
  • Design time: 2010
  • Project size: 9,200 m²
  • project address: Shanghai, China