The sun-transparent, green and energy-saving multi-energy buildings are connected without wind and rain. The various streamlines do not interfere with each other. The landscape value of the site is respected, and the chords are reflected in the landscape, green, sunlight and buildings.

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Xianlin Central District E plot business office center

The plan adopts a low-level, high-density method, based on the Founder's matrix order, through the discussion of various combinations of hierarchical sharing and module menus, trying to interpret the customer's more precise functional requirements.The office faces the entire plan to the south.The façade adopts glass bricks. The advantages of glass bricks, such as good transparency, energy saving, environmental protection, heat preservation and heat insulation, and changeable shapes, make the office bathed in soft sunlight, which not only ensures the lighting of the office, but also does not damage the privacy of the interior space.The atrium is left with ample green space, supplemented by sunlight, to ensure ample green vision, and strive to convert to the traditional courtyard sense, making the overall building appear humble and introverted, and show inside. .

  • client: Nanjing Xianlin New Urban Development Co., Ltd.
  • Design time: 2009
  • Project size: 61,000 m²
  • project address: Nanjing, China