The project planning and design takes the theme of “original township”, and pursues the dreamland and dreams of returning to the original. Relying on Deqing's natural and humanistic historical characteristics and its transportation advantages with surrounding cities, we try to create a new garden with cultural heritage, humanity and vitality.

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Poly DeQing Yuanxiang Constructive detailed planning

In this urban design, we combine planning with architectural design, using a variety of architectural shapes and types to create a variety of flexible spatial forms. Nature, culture and gardens are the souls we want to give to this project. We are trying to create a new gardening mode between “extremely high density in the city” and “monotonic low density in the suburbs”, and create the unique identity and value of the township of the Deqingyuan.

  • client: Deqing Baoli Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Design time: 2009,
  • Project size: 620,000 m²
  • project address: China Deqing