The typological design and proportioning make 300's multi-density 0.45 floor-to-size high-density villas look different, so that each household has its own identity and is easy to build.

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Poly Suzhou Dushu West Bank

The road network structure which was designed according to the lake view corridor, gives the residents living in the deep island the direct access to the lake view.

The wide and narrow variations produced by each group triangle design achieve maximum space stability in the high density state.

The walls of the buildings, the courtyard and the architectural design of the building completely implant the garden into the building. It avoids the black passage between the traditional high-density villa buildings, thus making the garden and the home a whole.


  • client: Poly Group
  • Design time: 2009
  • Project size: 260,000 m²
  • project address: Suzhou China