The project planning land is located in the west of Beijing, across the Shijingshan District and Haidian District, with a total site area of ​​129 hectares. The project is positioned as a medium-to-high-end residential area. The newly-supported facilities in the district's landscape planning, clubs, clubs and other districts are configured according to the high-end community planning standards.

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Yuquan City,Beijing

The design theme of the project is “Air Quadrangle”, which incorporates the essence of the traditional courtyard house in the design, and tries to extend the texture of the courtyard life of the Beijing people in the high-density living era with new vitality. The characteristics of the “central symmetry and moderation” of the Courtyard are used in the design of this project, giving people a peaceful and prosperous psychological experience.

  • client: Beijing Urban Construction Group, Shanghai Forte
  • Design time: 2003
  • Project size: 858,229 m²
  • project address: Beijing China