The local blocks are characterized by mountainous areas, some are natural mountain ranges, some are artificially built mountains, rivers and Lingshan roads interspersed in natural mountain ranges. The key point in the design is to deal with the relationship between natural landscapes and buildings. The location of Xianlin International Hospital will be a striking highlight in the green belt.

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Nanjing Xianlin International Hospital

Our design shows a product that meets the needs of Nanjing's economic development and people's health. Different regional designs, such as 1-Basic Medical District, 2-High Standard Medical District, and 3-Physical Medical District, provide different planning requirements. The adjacent medical planning area provides entertainment, leisure, sports services and the needs of the future healthcare industry. This is a place between mountains and rivers that can treat human body and purify human thoughts.

  • client: Nanjing Gulou Hospital Group
  • Design time: 2004
  • Project size: 140,362 sqm
  • project address: Nanjing, China