The traditional Chinese space form is used in the planning of the hospital living area; whether in the outpatient hall or in the inpatient hall, the space penetration through the patio activates the public space of the hospital; Shen Zhongting not only adds a layered sense of space between the ground floor and the basement, but also strengthens the openness and connectivity of the underground space.

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Southern Nanjing New City Medical Center

The overall volume of the scheme is like a combination of three-dimensional building blocks, which maintains the independence and connectivity of the medical area, the working area, the auxiliary area and the living area, especially in the medical area to strengthen the direct and rapid connection between the functional blocks. . Use a horizontal line of continuous windows with white solid walls to connect the entire volume. Simple, degenerate and powerful. The shape is simple and the cost is reasonable.

  • client: Southern Nanjing New City Development Construction Headquaters
  • Design time: 2012
  • Project size: 231,000 m²
  • project address: Nanjing, China