This is a modern university hospital, and the U-shaped building naturally expresses this identity. The second phase of the entire hospital is made up of standard modules, just like a child's game. Various requirements in operations can be achieved through the combination and change of these modules. At the same time, the modular design also makes procurement and construction controllable.

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Phase II of the Southern Medical University Hospital, Shenzhen

The main orientation of the building is set in the southwest direction, this helps that ensuring daylighting in all wards. At the same time, in the refreshing morning time and sunset in Shenzhen, the beautiful roof garden can be bathed in the sun. Accurate massing design and smart reservation strategies for all kinds of streamlines and daylight, coupled with a visionary hospital strategic structure design, allow hospitals to adapt to the various needs in the future development and benefit all types of the establishment and growth of a library of disciplines and wisdom. .

  • client: Engineering management center of Shenzhen construction and Engineering Department
  • Design time: 2017
  • Project size: 414,951m²
  • project address: Shenzhen, China