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The Luxury Residence In Forest

The future data center is located on the eastern edge of the capital Juba. It is a circular multistory building that can be seen from a long distance. An open building structure contains a closed core inside. Basically, this building consists of circular floor slabs supported by pillars and pillars of different sizes. Obviously, the arrangement of the columns is loose, and the size of these elements is arbitrary, but in fact each column has a specific technical function, such as load transfer, conduction, lighting or ventilation. From an architectural point of view, each column also has a visual function. Due to the different sizes of the pillars, the scale or size of the building is not visible at first glance. You have to read it twice, and you are a little confused. This makes the building look interesting. In architecture, the use of scale has remained unchanged since ancient times, and it can also be seen in Sudan. See picture reference. Circles and vertical elements have high label values. This is the only way to make this building a landmark. Circular independent buildings can be seen everywhere on the savannah and have a long tradition in Africa.