Growing together with investment and entrepreneurship, a growing medical park; transportation and surrounding water system make it a safe, quiet and ecological medical park; centripetal design, centripetal park, serving people, feeling the heart; growing Network, from central hospital to medical center....

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Nantong Central Innovation District Medical Center and Class III General Hospital

We envision that the International Medical Park of the Central Innovation Zone can be divided into four sites: A, B, C, and D: four centers: the International Medical Center, the International Rehabilitation Medicine and Tourism Medicine Center, the Medical Industry Innovation Center, and the Medical Education Center. In this way, medical care, rehabilitation, old-age care, tourism and medical care, industry, scientific research and education can be developed simultaneously and promote each other. The efficient underground logistics, the services of the inner ring, the medical skills of China Unicom and the private and green life of the outer ring jointly form the structure of the future medical park.

  • client: Nantong First People's Hospital
  • Design time: 2017
  • Project size: 289,200 sqm
  • project address: Nantong, China