The warm woody rhythm is presented to express the tranquility and warmth of the medical culture. Through the standardized, modular design, the building saves a lot of cost. From design to completion, it only lasts for two years, ensuring the efficiency of the project from investment to operation to return.

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Xiamen Hongai Hospital

The interior space of the building is reserved for more than XNUMX meticulous service furniture designs. Not only are the four sides of the central lighting hall designed as various service Spaces, but each originally simple corridor is created as a beautiful node of medical life that can stop to enjoy the pleasure of service, forming a service space experience. Simple and active colors create a simple and brisk healing space. The sign system was designed and implemented in the way of architectural space and construction in advance at the beginning of interior design.

  • client: Xiamen Charity Medical Foundation
  • Design time: 2016 - 2018
  • Project size: 330,000 m²
  • project address: Xiamen, China