Combining with the characteristics of Xiamen's seaside city, and aiming at the female theme of the maternity hospital, the soft curve is designed, and the whole building is graceful like a light ribbon, implying the transmission of love...

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Xiamen Hong'ai Maternity Hospital

Platform-oriented gynecological obstetrics dual-platform design provides the highest efficiency, space-to-service differentiation further supports accurate medical treatment for different types of diseases; scene-oriented design thinking, from standard modules to standard modules to standard modules System design, providing flexible flexibility of medical function space in the future, ensuring economical construction of technology; ubiquitous garden, from outside to inside, from bottom to roof, from center to boundary, multi-level green space penetration creates pleasure Medical environment; the design and construction of the ecological skin, through the external ecological interface of the building, on the basis of privacy protection to achieve a good ecological scene and environment inside and outside the building..

  • client: Xiamen C&D Medical Health Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Design time: 2018 - Present
  • Project size: 92,000 m²
  • project address: Xiamen, China