Combining with the characteristics of Xiamen's seaside city, and aiming at the female theme of the maternity hospital, the soft curve is designed, and the whole building is graceful like a light ribbon, implying the transmission of love...

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Xiamen Hong'ai Maternity Hospital

 "Having a child is not a disease", Xiamen Hongai Maternity Hospital provides more targeted professional services for obstetrics, aiming to make childbirth a safe and happy thing.The soft curved building provides independent maternity garden, gynecology garden, inpatient garden and even sunken garden for the outdoor of the hospital; from the entrance, the obstetrics and gynecology have their own lines of movement, without interfering with each other.The scattered curves of the building further introduce the close-up sky garden into the internal space of each floor.
The inner part of the soft appearance is rational and clear movement lines and functional modules.The internal orthogonal modularization, modularization and modular design allow various medical functions to be easily replaced and developed.Professional surgery, ICU, and NICU ensure the safety of reproductive births, while pre-delivery, delivery room, LDR delivery room, LDR-P delivery room, post-natal ward, VIP ward, etc. form a full chain of services from pre-delivery to post-natal rehabilitation and childcare growth.From the fashion and warmth of the interior to the shyness and lightness of the facade mesh; from the endless dandelion painting to the central lounge filled with sunshine and moonlight, the artistic atmosphere of fertility aesthetics is exuded everywhere, so that you can give birth here. Become a treat.

  • client: Xiamen Hongai Maternity Hospital Co., Ltd.
  • Design time: 2018
  • Project size: 96,000 m²
  • project address: Xiamen, China