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Sichuan Guangyuan Kangyang Demonstration Industrial Park

In the general layout, the building blocks are staggered and arranged in a "Pin" type layout, forming a good overall ventilation environment and maximizing the lighting of the ward. In order to facilitate the replacement of functions in the future, our design adheres to the principle of modular design, and cleverly uses the characteristics of the mountain, to make the hospital's many required spaces below the zero point elevation, so as to save and use the land index. It can maximize the long-term area requirements of the future medical park. At the same time, it can also use the low altitude on the south side as much as possible to introduce more sunlight. At the same time, the height difference of the site is used to form an efficient and convenient, multi-storey connection between the building and the site, and between the building and the building..

  • client: Sichuan Jinbei Group, Sichuan Hongya Qiliping Banshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Guangyuan Central Hospital
  • Design time: 2019年
  • Project size: 244,800 sqm
  • project address: Sichuan, China