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Sichuan Guangyuan Kangyang Demonstration Industrial Park

On the general layout, the building blocks are staggered and arranged in a "product" shape, forming a good overall ventilation environment and maximizing the lighting of the ward; for the ease of functional replacement in the future, the design adheres to the modular design In this way, the hospital’s many required spaces are placed below the zero-point elevation by cleverly using the characteristics of the mountains. This not only saves and uses enough land indicators, but also maximizes the long-term area requirements of the future medical park. Make use of the low altitude on the south side as much as possible to introduce more sunlight; use the height difference of the site to form an efficient and convenient, multi-storey connection between the building and the site, and between the building and the building..

  • client: Guangyuan Banshan Health Management Co., Ltd.
  • Design time: 2019
  • Project size: 244,800 m²
  • project address: Sichuan, China