In 2019, Guangyuan, located in the northern part of Sichuan, in western China, has come to the forefront of China in exploring the integration of medical care and nursing, and taking advantage of the advantages of green water and green mountains.The combination of mountainous landforms and the Yiyang community allows us to use medical services as a platform to connect with the community, and together with nearby commercial centers, form the core of dual-core services for the overall community.Switzerland's high-end private medical and health care standards inspired us to integrate more and more detailed medical development services into traditional medical services.Switzerland's high-quality hotel management capabilities are also indispensable here.

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Sichuan Guangyuan Kangyang Demonstration Industrial Park

The courtyard-like architectural composition brings sunlight and air into each floor, and the modular space composition allows the hospital's various departments to be easily converted.Each phase of the three-phase development can be developed in a moderate and balanced manner.While avoiding the large investment in medical technology in the early stage, the hospital has formed a six-university center section for future development, so as to have more intimate specialized service capabilities.The open three-story roof terrace becomes a central health garden that connects the neighborhood and serves the community.Let traditional medical institutions that evade the society and frighten them will become friendly and open places for public activities that provide high-level health services.Such open services and spaces have also brought more customers to private healthcare..

  • client: Guangyuan Banshan Health Management Co., Ltd.
  • Design time: 2019
  • Project size: 244,800 m²
  • project address: Sichuan, China