A safe, quiet and secure medical space; a hospital for employees to live and work; a medical coast with sun, sand, sea and hot springs; and an efficient medical matrix.

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Fudan University's Zhongshan Hospital-Xiamen Hospital

The program consists of a combination of hospital functional communities on the west side and a public service belt on the seafront, giving the best coastal areas care for the public. The entire hospital is like a sea-facing embrace, incorporating the coastal green belt and the bay view. The shape of the Founder and the rigorous modular design allow the medical equipment to be updated and the adjustment and deployment of medical functions without fear of being limited by the shape of the building and the column network. The use of a margin for the site has allowed the new hospital to reserve sufficient room for growth in the future. .

  • client: Xiamen Land Development Corporation
  • Design time: 2014
  • Project size: 236,850 m²
  • project address: Xiamen, China