Three medical centers, modularized layout, can be divided; shared courtyard landscape, underground support system, above-ground medical street, three-dimensional weaving, garden hospital.

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Weihai New City Hospital

The flexible modular system, all the functions that may be expanded in the future, can be easily integrated into existing systems as part of the new system. Each medical center has its own venue, and they can operate separately if necessary. At the same time, they all benefit from the resources shared by the central part. The stable horizontal trend of the podium facade echoes the skyline of the sea, and the horizontal external image gives the hospital a sense of security. The vertical bulge of the inpatient building uses the façade to create lighting and ventilation, while creating a relatively quiet escort space inside the ward. .

  • client: Weihai East Binhai New City Construction Command Office
  • Design time: 2016
  • Project size: 260,199 sqm
  • project address: Weihai, China