Surrounded by three green hills, the sea is blue, and the new moon-like beach is inlaid between the blue sky and the blue waves. Xiushan Meishui makes Xiaomeisha full of spirits. We have mountains + water + sand, what do we need between mountains and rivers?

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Xiaomeisha coastal area urban design

The stepped layout connects the mountains and the sea more naturally, while the curved steps have a more natural flow shape like sand dunes. The sight lines of the viewing steps combined with the height difference and the topography are concentrated. The curve provides multi-directional viewing angles and the longest viewing surface.The ubiquitous courtyard garden brings sunlight into all the spaces of the underground garage. The landscape water corridor connects the Diecui Lake Reservoir and the sea. The two green corridors respectively open up the Dawoding on the northwest side and the deep hole valley on the northeast side to the sea. Viewing sight.

  • client: Xiaomeisha coastal area urban design
  • Design time: 2013
  • Project size: 403,250m²
  • project address: Shenzhen, China