Wuxi Medical and Health Industrial Park is close to the north side of Wuxi Express Inner Ring Exit, at the crossroads between Wuxi's prosperity and ecology, history and future.                                                                                                                        

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Wuxi Medical and Health Industrial Park

Breaking the traditional practice of confusing different types of people in general hospitals, and aiming at the different needs of different people, a cross-style model with four parks and nine centers is formed.The intensive layout and moving lines improve the operational efficiency, and the open park community spreads out to embrace all directions; the integrated shared spaces of outpatient, inpatient and clinical think tanks are scattered in different heights, supplemented by the design of energy-saving and safe large and small windows, bringing a unique experience to the city. identity.Ubiquitous courtyards and scattered sky gardens bring sunlight, breeze and views into every clinic and ward.In addition to creating a smooth underground transportation hub, the integrated design of the river bank planning road underground also returns the river bank park to the citizens. .

  • client: Wuxi Metro Group Co., Ltd.
  • Design time: 2022
  • Project size: 400,000 m²
  • project address: Wuxi, China