We are aware of the impact of the building itself on the environment and nature. In the era of growing cities, we must reduce the damage to nature. Therefore, in the design, we blur the boundary between architecture and nature, and hope to maximize the space that nature should have. Patient well-being is a key design factor in every hospital.

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New District Hospital of Luoyang No.XNUMX Hospital of TCM

The layout of the 45° rotation broke the restrictions imposed by the planning conditions on the hospital, forming a medical garden that can be shared by the entire hospital. The campus has thus formed a close-knit whole. The rotating layout opens up the corner of the street, emphasizing openness and tolerance, while bringing the rhythm of the streetscape. The design and completion of the First Hospital of Luoyang City not only reflects the cultural identity and cultural self-confidence of Luoyang Ancient Capital, but also will become a historical clue to the development and construction of Luoyang City.

  • client: Luoyang First Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Design time: 2016,
  • Project size: 262,712 m²
  • project address: Luoyang, China