The project site is located between Baishi Road, Shahe West Road, Gaoxin Nanshi Road and 4 Road of Science and Technology South Road. The basic design element of the whole scheme is “L” type, which is repeatedly used in vertical and horizontal directions to form a single unit. Entity. This simple yet powerful form of shape makes the project a landmark for the entire region.

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Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology City

This case pays special attention to the green environmental protection of the building. It uses the wrongly stacked courtyards in the building and moves the floors of different layers to create a natural shading system through the building structure itself. Create a sandwich at the bottom of the building structure and open it on all sides to form a cavity layer that allows natural and fresh air to flow through each floor of the building while also reducing the temperature of the building itself, thus creating a good The building constructs the internal environment.

  • client: Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Design time: 2011
  • Project size: 1,218,143 m²
  • project address: Shenzhen, China