The project concept comes from the idea of ​​“breathing space”, which is essential for the usability of different functions. It is defined by the relationship between “hermit” and “seeker”. The programme weaves the links between the various parts and ensures the quality of the exit and the landscape of the site, which strengthens the identity of the site.

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Commercial, residential and office complex in Punta, Switzerland

We placed different buildings in the field according to the geometrical principles of matrixing. The architectural form allows people to feel the changing body, which minimizes the heavy volume. The specific study of the architectural form is also combined with the consideration of the building's façade in the woods to create a warm temperament that contrasts with “living in the park”. Cement slabs that protrude from the façade emphasize a highly different plane.

  • client: Venoge Foundation
  • Design time: 2012
  • Project size: 14,000 m²
  • project address: Commercial, residential