The program covers three major parts of the house, golf course and clubhouse, and integrates into a unified and coordinated system, from small-scale, detailed level materials and construction; to large-scale lighting, transportation and public space. .

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Chongqing Poly Golf

The overall planning strategy for this program is: The basic planning goal is to maximize the use of land for the construction of the high quality golf course and properties. In order to facilitate the identification of these land blocks, a corresponding indicator system has been established for the golf course and the property. These systems based on internal logic will in turn play a different role in the assessment of golf courses and high-class residential areas. An indicator system was established by defining possible areas of the entire plot suitable for the construction of golf courses and residential areas, with the aim of reflecting the core constraints and opportunities of the plots under study. .

  • client: Shanghai Poly Group
  • Design time: 2004
  • Project size: 963,946 m²
  • project address: Chongqing, China