In the design of the Jinhua People's Hospital, our goal is to create a warm, friendly hospital building that is not the same as the traditional high-rise and park-style hospitals, where patients can enjoy a bright, warm and homely environment. Meet, talk, and resonate.

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Jinhua People Hospital

The scheme also strongly reflects the concept of multi-center in the volume layout. Make the functional requirements and volume layout uniform. The multi-center layout is reflected in the architectural form, which makes the building form three similar building masses, only the difference in the height of the building (according to the use area requirements), and then form a rhythmic building volume relationship. In the design, each department can be arranged more clearly, so that the related functions can be more concentrated. And it makes it easier for people of all kinds to find where they are going. .

  • client: Jinhua People Hospital
  • Design time: 2016
  • Project size: 256,640 m²
  • project address: China Jinhua