The plan is to transform Tianheng Island into an idyllic city and tourist attraction where labor and nature are coordinated, urbanization and tourism industries go hand in hand.

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Qingdao Tianheng Island Group Concept Planning and Urban Design

The plots in the design scheme are separated into different groups by roads, and the effective use of roads restricts the future development of the city. Urban development is no longer an expansion of the original town, but a system of building a small city in the countryside. The construction of a high-speed loop on the edge of the natural landscape (mountain, paddy field) will form a protective film of the natural landscape, which protects the ecological order within the membrane and serves as a passage for the tour. By using roads to connect these isolated bubbles, a network of ecological resources complexes and tourist passages is formed.


  • client: Qingdao Municipal Planning Bureau
  • Design time: 2004
  • Project size: 500 km²
  • project address: Qingdao, China