The green gauze skin covering the entire façade gives the building a distinctive look. This project is one of our early practices in the landscaping space. By evenly distributing the garden elements to this façade, we hope that every office space can enjoy the green in the garden.

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Nanjing State-owned Group Headquarter

Area A is composed of cultural industrial area and commercial and cultural area, and area B is a wireless office park and ecological office area. The façade of the A area is a combination of the outer wall of the sedimentary rock and the natural mountain. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and achieves the energy-saving effect of large building space. The roof is littered with light-harvesting wells arranged at different nodes, so that the indoor activity crowd can fully enjoy the outdoor sunshine. The facade of the office building in Zone B is a combination of aerial greening and metal gauze, which combines aesthetics and practicality. The gauze not only blocks the dust but also introduces sunlight. The vines are planted in the gauze, just like infiltrating into the sky garden of the building, bringing pleasant green to the interior office space. .

  • client: Nanjing State-owned Assets Group
  • Design time: 2007
  • Project size: 42,000 sqm
  • project address: Nanjing, China