Biyun 90 Five-star Hotel & Grade a Office Building

Biyun 90 Five-star Hotel & Grade A Office Building locates in the central area of Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone. It is invested and developed by Jinqiao Export Preocessing Zone United Development Co.Ltd. The total investment is of about 850 million. The development project includes the project with comprehensive function: five-star hotel, grade A office building, and the relevant commercial ancillary facilities.
Multi-cultural fusion


To reflect the multi-cultural fusion in Jinqiao and correspond to the theme of international community, the reticular skin materials of blue and white porcelain introduce the outdoor green, the blue sky and white clouds into indoor, achieve the internal and external fusion, and become a whole. This concept reflects the multicultural fusion in Biyun international community, let the Chinese and foreign guests find something new and fresh, and builds international city landmark. Blue and white porcelain has the meaning of reflecting the Chinese culture, also satisfies the modern elegant aesthetic taste, and is one of the important factors for Golden Bridge to establish the international image.


The uniqueness reflects on the unique theme and unique appearance design, makes the building stand out with distinct personality.

Facade design inspiration comes from the specific reticular pattern of blue and white porcelain, and reflect the saying that "the more national, the more the world". Such originality extracts the highly symbolic part of the Chinese nation, and also has a special international vision.

Extracting the crushed ice pattern of Ge kiln porcelain and with the wiring arrangement, we apply this design feeling into the façade design. Through analyzing and deconstructing the pattern, we design a unique pattern like the porcelain surface pattern. Eight kinds of standardized unit module piece the wonderful crushed ice texture, and convey the profundity of Chinese culture.

 Integrated with green to build a green Jinqiao 

Because there are office buildings on both east and west side of project, the proposal makes all hotel rooms face toward the south great lake area and the north vast green belts. With the free courtyard formed inside the hotel, the space of horizontal and vertical direction is surrounded by the green, the blue sky and white clouds project on the building and map into indoor, all of these may help one to feel that life is peaceful and happy, scenery is intoxicating and charming. 


Hotel design fully considers all levels of energy saving and environmental protection. High-tech innovative technical solutions: we use GRC plate and GRG plate for prefabricated cellular manufacture, and with the whole installation, we make the installation of the facade realize energy saving, fully demonstrate the high technology level, guaranty the accuracy, embody the concept of "energy conservation and environmental protection" of Golden Bridge development zone.

Practical, comfortable and sustainable

Hotel Management Company demands the lower service space to have a luxurious, elegant and graceful position, but it has very strong plasticity. The combination of all functions enrich the content of the use of the hotel, such as fitness, catering, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, boutiques, exhibition hall, etc. Hotels, office building and conference center share services and equipment sectors inside the complex. The hotel business, leisure, shopping, meeting functions provide resource sharing for the whole Jinqiao and Biyun and build an important part of the international service chain.

According to hotel's geographical environment, designers set the future direction for the hotel-- the combination of business and holiday. We make full use of the resources of the hotel from the two aspects of customer requirements and time distribution, and realize the resource complementation, resource sharing, mutual superposition of economic energy. 

Economical and flexible--standardized 

Services and equipment sectors are planned for hotel and office systems which are flexible for division. When the owner of hotel and office is the same unit, services and equipment sectors are unified to one place, which facilitate the property transfer and service distribution. The hotel’s standardized design can also be exchanged according to the requirements. At the same time, the designers also provide the surrounding land of the project with development advices.

We adopt space layout of skip-floor and split-level space layout in the part of podium building, make the space form lively and new, and guaranty a suitable height for the space with different functions.


Project location: G1 Lot, Xinjinqiao Road, Shanghai, China

Project scale: 14.4M m2

Client: Jinqiao Export Preocessing Zone United Development Co.Ltd

Construction cost: 850 milllion RMB

Design date: 2009.02

Construction date: 2010.05

Task: architectural design