Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital (Medical Center of Suzhou University)

The project is located south of Chongwen Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, north of Chuangyuan Road, east of Songtao Street, west of Xuetang Street. The building area is 175,000 square meters and the total number of beds is 1,500.

Based on an in-depth understanding of "safety, dignity, and openness," we will treat patients (safety) more efficiently and professionally, and create a better environment to facilitate the use of medical personnel and patients(dignity), and be more conducive to future development (openness). For the purpose of designing hospitals that reflect the modern medical culture, “I care for everyone, everyone cares for me”.

Chinese painting is a line-based art. Through the length, thickness, density, density, intensity, and transition of lines, not only can we shape the body, but also express emotions, thoughts and ideas, forming the rhythm and charm of the entire painting.

Suzhou garden architecture is a full expression of Chinese painting art. "white wall and gray tiles", white and gray color of the building shaded in the natural scenery. Doors and windows are outlined with lines and elegant.

We are pursuing such impressions as the ancient residential buildings in Suzhou. Architecture strives to be small and lightweight, low-rise and high-density, patchwork, light and concise, and elegant colors. Inheriting the essence of Suzhou gardens, building monoliths to avoid over-decoration of facades and pursuing the temperament of medical culture.

The overall building group is dominated by white, doors and windows are outlined with gray window frames, and the horizontal to long windows are partitioned by specific rules, reflecting a lively sense of rhythm. The volume of the building itself retreats, and the buckling creates a unique style. Any unnecessary extra decoration, simple but generous and not rigid.

The facade of the atrium section uses the same garden design, with a modulus of 1.35 meters as the window separation modulus, a protruding sash per column, and side opening for ventilation.

Each floor extends a certain distance as a place for planting plant growth boxes. Frosted glass shutters are both facades and cover the planting trough and the fresh air inlet.

Project location: Suzhou, Zhejiang

 Project scale: 320,000 m²

Client: Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital

Construction cost: 2.1 billion RMB

Design date: 2015