Different designs, different you

Lemanarc was founded in 2000 in Lausanne on the shores of Lake Leman. It is a Swiss Federal Class A registered architectural design firm. Focusing on architectural design and urban design, we insist on originality, advocate "garden architecture" and "cultural identity", and emphasize modular design and interactive design.
The international influence of multicultural convergence and open dialogue is coexisting with confident and comfortable traditional values in the heart of Europe, Switzerland.
A common, standard, intelligent and networked work platform; a smart network that brings together global professional elites, allowing Ruimeng Design to not only contribute forward-looking wisdom with an international perspective, but also be close to the needs of each customer. Its architectural works have won more than 40 More than XNUMX internationally renowned design awards.
The international design concept is integrated with the understanding of local culture. While focusing on the practical value of the building, it also gives the building a profound cultural heritage. It pays attention to details, innovation and sustainable development, and advocates personalized services after reasonable analysis. The mutual examination among the diverse cultures of Ruimeng Design brings more enthusiasm and desire for solutions, so it has a more vigorous and lasting vitality.
Today, Ruimeng Design has multi-cultural research and development teams full of creative passion and rich in international and local experience in Shanghai, Montreux and Zurich. Everyone is more eager to explore the different benefits of each design more closely with you.

Your operation, our design

The various scene-oriented design principles that result from our long-term design practice require that our designs be continuously forward-looking and flexible. For example, there should always be a choice of Plan A and Plan B due to the progress of investment, operational effects, financial changes, etc. This design principle has been tested by lots of our medical projects in both Europe and China.

With you

Out of curiosity, we research and explore, because curiosity is the source of everything. Out of perfectionism, we learn, because learning is a process, a difficult but exciting one. As interaction, it is the best way to communication. Communication is for presentation and improvement. Both internal and external interactions are critical to every design.

Design for tomorrow

At the beginning of the design, we will arrange various possibilities for future development, and will not easily let go of the existence of any possible variables and the assessment of its possible impact. This principle will always be adhered to during the gradual deepening of the design process to help realize various possibilities of the future operation of the hospital. The long practice of modular design makes us firmly believe its adaptability and flexibility.

Zhang Wansang (Vincent Zhang)
Swiss Chinese, chief architect of Ruimeng Design.Graduated from the Architecture Department of the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), and graduated with a master's degree from the School of Architecture of the University of Geneva (IAUG). He is the first Chinese in Swiss history to obtain a Swiss Federal Registered Architect
Andreas Scheiwiller
Swiss. Swiss Federal Registered Architect. Professor of the University of Geneva School of Architecture. Managing Partner
Daniel Pauli
Swiss. Swiss federal registered architect. Managing partner
Klauspeter Nuesch
Swiss. Swiss federal registered architect. Managing partner. Famous commercial real estate planner. Founder of Swiss Newcast Development