The structure of the city is like a bone to the human body, which can shape the spiritual outlook and temperament of the city. Therefore, designers pay great attention to constructing a reasonable and effective structure when combing landscapes and buildings. Under the structure, urban elements can interact with the structure, and through such a combination, the urban elements can play the most important role.

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Shanghai Minhang District Administrative Cultural Center

The system established according to the design principle of the surround flip is coordinated with the passage, the greening and the buildings in the same system. This makes the buildings located along the respective roads as natural as the components of the road. The road around the building forms a "c" shape, which is also the basic form of the wall and roof. The roads and greenery are dotted around the landscape in the system. .

  • client: Shanghai Minhang District Planning Bureau
  • Design time: 2004
  • Project size: 720,200 m²
  • project address: Shanghai, China