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Shanghai Jing'an Suzhou Riverside Modern Service Industry Cluster 59, 67 Neighborhood Urban Design

If you say the ChieseDream showsthe respect and yearning for Chinese cultural identity, Shanghai Dream and Jing'an Dream further reflect the respect for the cultural identity of Shanghai and Jing'an. The demand for the characteristics of Shanghai Jing'an exclusive urban complex and urban integrated block encourages us to find a new linear urban space based on the culture here and can inherit the cultural genes in the city. we hopeto enhance the cultural confidence of Shanghai and Jing'an. Through innovative urban design, wo provide newvision and opportunity tothe traditional urban spaces. .

  • client: Shanghai Jing'an District Planning and Land Administration
  • Design time: 2014
  • Project size: 234,546 m²
  • project address: Shanghai, China