The Honghua Airport area is located on the southeastern edge of the main city of Nanjing.The planned area is approximately9.97Square kilometers, north and northeast are bounded by Qinhuai River and Yunliang River, east, east and west and south to the city road, west to Daming Road, southwest to Ninglang Road, Wangwang Scenic Area in the north, and Yuhuatai and Niushoushan in the west. 

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Conceptual Planning and Urban Design for Reconstruction and Utilization of Nanjing Honghua Airport

According to the comprehensive analysis of the area and the development status of it, the designer explained the functional positioning of the project in as much detail as possible. In the design process, the designer formulated the appropriate development intensity according to the appropriate proportion of service industry and residential population in the overall development planning of Nanjing  .

  • client: Nanjing Municipal Planning Bureau
  • Design time: 2005
  • Project size: 3,920,000 m²
  • project address: Nanjing, China