This futuristic *mountain mountain* projects images of various data and clouds in the sky, just like our heart: sometimes it is like mountain data, sometimes it is wide sky.

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Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Core Area Urban design and Architectural Conceptual Design

From the return of the tower to the landscape: Shenzhen’s mountains and seas need to be more clearly connected, not blocked.These connections should at least include ecological elements such as water, wind, and greenery, as well as visual and behavioral experiences at various speed levels.The pedestrian system and the building are woven perpendicular to the urban arterial road on the north side, which is the communication between the mountain and the sea.

Let working become a network and make the working community an "innovation network."

Return from selfishness to ecology: ecological networks, including water systems and vegetation, are wrapped in building space; gardening architectural ideas have moved toward a three-dimensional city.


  • client: Shenzhen Planning and Land Resources Committee
  • Design time: 2014
  • Project size: 1,700,000 m²
  • project address: Shenzhen, China