We chose Linjiang buildings in the form of a series of traditional Chinese door fans to presage Shanghai's opening to the world. Due to the dialogue between Puxi and the old city, this series of open portals is also the gateway to the future from the past to the future.

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2010 Shanghai World Expo Village Planning

The green belt around the city is connected to the center through the green belt. The landscape form expresses an open attitude, breaking the current closing status of the riverside, returning the river bank to the citizens, and infiltrating the scenery of the Pujiang River inland as much as possible. Mainly residential buildings, supplemented by public buildings. Avoid the dehumanization caused by the excessive distinction between public space and private space, moderately increase the commercial building storefront, and make the underground space of the viewing platform into commercial space. The View Platform Park is prepared for city-level pedestrians and will also be a salon for gathering and leisure walks for residents of nearby communities.

  • client: Shanghai Urban Planning Administration
  • Design time: 2003
  • Project size: 104,852 m²
  • project address: Shanghai, China