Fudan University's Zhongshan Hospital-Xiamen Hospital

Embracing Pacific

Planning volume

A lower elevation, with courtyard-like volume embracing

the bay.

• A more variegated coastline

• The time of waiting for elevator is shorter, and it’s more convenient to see a doctor.

• A more conservative, peaceful and comfortable internal environment.

The square axis

• Underground logistics extends in all directions.

• The adjustment of medical space is more

• The space utilization is higher.

• It is convenient for hospital’s growth in the future.

• It is more convenient for parking, and the underground space utilization is higher.

An orientation towards the south and east

• It profits both the sunshine in the south and the

sea view in the east.

• It avoids the high exposure to the sunlight from the west caused by its main orientation and thus it is more energy-saving.

Traffic organization

• Connecting with the urban artery which directly leads to the underground city roads makes it easier to reach each area of the hospital , and makes the environment above ground more peaceful and beautiful.

• The underground artery with bidirectional four lanes allows transit and it is convenient for visitor’s vehicles and taxis to wait at the drop-off station of the outpatient,inpatient and VIP department to drop off the passengers and to reach each area of the hospital. At the same time, we set one bus station respectively one on the south square, one nearby the underground drop-off station of the wards,and one on the south Fanghu road in the north.

• The underground ring channel allows the trucks easily reach the clean delivery area, trash treatment center,and kitchen delivery area.

• On the Wuyuan bay road, it permits to only connect with emergency entrance (including staff entrance)and ambulance entrance.

• We respectively set a relatively independent VIP&special care entrance on the south Fanghu road on the north side.


In a hospital, time is life.

The clear distribution is convenient for management, and easier for visitors to find their way

There are three bands from west to east: office/scientific research, wards, and public service.

There are three parts from south to north: the outpatient department in the south, the medtech in the center and the relatively private and independent VIP& special care wards.There are eight function levels from the bottom to the top:the urban traffic roads in B1,the parking in B2,B1,and B1+,the logistics center inB1,outpatient, emergency ,and medtech from F1 to F4,the roof mechanical floor in F5,the roof garden and administration center in F6,the wards and scientific research from F7 to F14, and the spa roof garden in F15 on the top of the VIP & special care wards.

Three east-west bands and three south-north parts as well as eight vertical levels together are woven together into a medical matrix.

Medical flow

The closely connected medical flows make the relevant functions closer and more efficient: outpatient/medtech,inpatients/ medtech, emergency/medtech have a close connection. The beds of each floor can efficiently and directly be sent to the beds exchange area (red channel) in front of the operation zone from the elevator of two wards.The ICU is set next to the operation zone with the shortest distance. The outpatient patients can easily reach the imaging and nuclear medicine area in F2 and F3. The beds can be easily within the wards.The flows of the drugs, samples, surgical instruments, food,garbage and other logistics networks are clear, the cleanand soiled flow are separated and each have an orderly

The hospital staff flow, beds flow, patients and visitors flows are fluent and clear, and greatly improve the connection efficiency of the hospital.

Work and life

The closely connected staff network allows the medical resources to be freely distributed according to the needs.The internal network enables the staff to communicate more; it also enables the teaching and scientific research to integrate into the clinical work. As the nerve system of the hospital, we call the concentrated area “doctor pool”,the knowledge base of the hospital. The doctor pool includes two parts: the scientific research base doctor pool and the administrative service doctor pool.

The administrative service center is located on the roof garden level of F6, it includes administration, staff canteen, library, archives center, computer information center, staff activity room and other facilities, and it provides staff with all aspects of services and forms a safe internal place and an exclusive garden for staff to rest and to further study, and then closely connects all the hospital staff.

Scientific research base

The scientific research base close to the clinics is more convenient for clinical studies and teaching. It includes the test center in F7, and all laboratories, study center,conference and teaching facilities in other floors which are set according to the specific needs for clinical studies. The hospital staff can directly reach the research staff access on the ground level through an independent elevator group,and reach the international academic conference center in B1. On B1, there is also a special corridor which connects with the service apartments in the public service area. The roof garden restaurant for the hospital staff is located in F6.

VIP& special care wards

The special care area is located relatively independent in the north area part; this makes the special service more private and more peaceful, still it keeps a close internal connection with the hospital main parts in the vertical direction and it is sharing the medical resources.

The two special care wards are located in the northern-most area, on the highest level with a completely independent entrance and elevator which guarantees the complete privacy and all necessary security measures. The special care ward A is located on the top of the buildings and has got the exclusive roof spa recovery garden and the roof protection. The independent underground parking areas as well as the exclusive walled garden are provided with a toplevel security. The internal water pool makes the entrance salon calmer. From here, the two floors of special care wards located on the top of the building can be reached directly through two dedicated elevators.

Public service

All world-wide hospitals care about their constant profitability, and more commercial services make hospitals gain more profit. Providing a public service in parallel with, and independent from the pure medical function of the hospital reflects the care for the patients and the hospital staff, and becomes the host for medical commerce companies. From consultancy to recovery, from insurance industry and drug companies to medical equipment and lawyers service from catering and service apartments, to art exhibition and learning garden.

We set the public service band in the skirt building area with a front-line sea view, which provides a better experience while patients are waiting for consultancy, and maximizes the value of sea view .

• The service apartments of F3 and F4 located in the north area and central parts of the public service band closely connects with conference center , scientific research center and administrative service center. It can be converted into service apartments for visitors.

•The public service band also contains a flower shop, bank, coffee, catering, service apartments, office spaces, meeting rooms, education, a space for exhibition, small concerts,parties, retail, laundry, etc. They meet the all the demands of a day in the hospital.

• The underground public traffic is closely connected with the public services above ground.

The return on investment

Adding commercial surfaces to the hospital makes the return of investment more reasonable.From the point of view of the land scarcity in the Xiamen Wuyuan bay area, Land discount investment proportion shall be very high. Comparing the reference area index given in the mission book, we add the following areas in our proposal to archive a better investment return.

• We increase the unit area index of the inpatient ward, from the 1400m2 per common ward and 1200m2 per VIP& special care wards, to the 2000 m2per ward. We apply the double channel ward layout with three zones,one for each, patients, nurses, doctors. We design each room with a capacity for three beds. Each ward has got 20  patients’ rooms. For a standard 40-beds-ward, every room will be equipped with two beds. Considering the rise of the labor costs in china, 40 beds per nursing unit is a relatively economic layout, and it reserves space for a future increase of the number of beds per ward. Regarding the scarcity of medical resources in Xiamen and in china today, the number of hospital beds is likely to face a need for growth in a few years. Thus in view of the increasing labor costs and land costs, the increase of the ward area by 10200 square meters and by 5200 square meters of the special area will make the hospital’s care overall operating return on investment more economical.

We add the area of public services of 21250m2

 • The land in this location is precious. Business service is not inconsistent with the public health service, and they complement each other. Adding commercial services can improve the efficiency of land use, and make the hospital service environment more humanized. The profit generated from commercial services and a sustainable management of the public service resources can balance the cost for the underground city road construction; we think this is a multi-win solutions.

 • Logistics in the underground is also an important component of the strict organization of a modern hospital. The reference area of 9000 square meters of logistics and the 2900 square meters of staff life area cannot meet the demand of logistics. According to our estimation,the underground logistics need additional 13500m2, so the overall area of logistic reaches 2500m2. We want to take the new added logistic area as the reservation for underground hospital operation in the case of war, this makes the investment more rational.

Landscape design

Six theme gardens make the medical space full of sunshine and greeneries and make the medical space become a healing space.

The waterscape theme garden in the west

The coastal sand beach healing garden in the east

The private VIP& special care garden in the north

The public garden for citizen on the south square

The atrium garden in central courtyard and day light wells

The roof garden as an internal garden for the hospital staff

Building forms

The rectangular façade of the west side gives a great contrast to the curved folded façade of the bay side in the east. This contrast shows the emotional and rational sides of this coastal hospital, and it forms a rigid-soft architectural style.

The double skin facade in the skirt building allows for natural light to pass through and makes the internal brighter. And it is more energy-saving than a single skin glass facade. It also shields the noise and sight of the urban roads. The green plants reflect the hospital’s respect for life.

The folded facade design in the wards building above the 7th floor focuses on sun shading, energy-saving,ventilation, window opening protection and the visibility of the scenery. It also makes the buildings group looks like translucent paper lanterns. The simple and light , pure and rational architectural style reflects the rationality of the western medicine culture, and contains the yearning and continuity for the traditional cultural identity

Interior design

The unique modularized interior design provides a great flexibility of the inside of the hospital, and can save the cost by batches purchase. Wooden materials as for interior design of the patients’ side reflects the hospital’s warm care,while glass as the main theme, the medtech and equipment show the power of science and technology. The inclined windows put the focus on the bay scenery. A translucent, pure, simple and light modern hospital is embracing the Pacific


Project Name: Fudan University's Zhongshan Hospital-Xiamen Hospital

Project location: Xiamen,Fujian

Project scale: 230,000 M2

Client: Fudan University's Zhongshan Hopital

Design date: 2014.11

Task: medical function design, architectural design, interior design and landscape