Futian Maternity and Children Hospital 

Gap garden between Hill and Sea

The Design of the maternity and children hospital responds to the surrounding environmental characteristics of the site. The volume of the building is not only conducive to natural lighting and ventilation, but also brings the connection between the mountains and the sea, forming a line of sight between the mountains and the sea. The gap between the different functional volume gardens forms a leisure space for each department. The Lounge with various functions is located here.

Relatively independent, horizontally linked

Gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, physical examination, scientific research and teaching offices are relatively independent, but they are related to each other in the horizontal direction.


Borrowing the north and south of the site, the building has different entrances on the north and south sides, forming a double-level structure, which makes the flow lines between different functional entrances clear and avoids intersection.


The building skin is bred in traditional Chinese origami lanterns. The five functional masses are like five Lanterns. The metal grille that is layered out of the building not only shapes the outline of the building, but also helps the hospital to block the blazing sun in Shenzhen.

Project location: Shenzhen, China

Project scale: 140,174 m2

Client: China Resource (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Construction cost: 1.26 billion RMB

Design date: September ,2018

Task: Architectural design, Medical function design, Landscape design