Head office of Nanjing Youth Centre & Nanjing National Capital Group is completed and put into use

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Planning and conception, on the premise of respecting nature.

Retreat for living in the mountain, advance for entering into society. Living close to water is the essence of Chinese traditional architecture. The construction in planning makes full use of humanistic connotation of living near the mountain and by the river. Keep the quiet in valley, and put human in the first place. Within the scope of plans, according to real situation and on the premise of respecting nature, this project creates architectures full of the beauty of ecology, humanistic care, and special taste.

Division based on function, unification in relatively independence. 

The base is divided into original zone, zone A and zone B. These three zones are relatively independent, and cooperative, and they assemble the economic capabilities to create more spaces and values on the basis of order. The one-to-one relation between architecture function and landscape function, they are the perfect combination.

Zone A is built based on the mountain contours; it keeps ups and downs with the changes of landforms. It is constituted by culture industry zone and commercial culture zone, and it assembles integrated services, including commercial center, supermarket, and all kinds of restaurant and education activities. 

Culture industry zone is connected with Youth activities of the original zone, they have different functions and they are managed in different times. The internal education industry base and ecology cognition garden are the extension of Youth culture industry , they are the best place to know the ecology, spread the environmental knowledge, and experience the harmonious coexistence between human and nature) 

Commercial culture zone has bank, flower shop, underground supermarket and shopping center. The Chinese restaurant on the first and the western restaurant on the second floor meet the demands of passengers, surrounding high-grade residential area, scientific research area, and white-collar class in headquarters office building of zone B. It will certainly become the main place where people get together and do some recreational activities. On the one hand, it’s the supplement for business forms in surrounding area; on the other hand, it’s the new site for people to rest , relax and enjoy the quiet and peaceful life.


Planning and design, to the vibrant life of the building

Zone B is taken as wireless office garden and ecology office area, sharing the connective corridor and courtyard garden with zone A. The perfect wireless office reduces the cost, increases the efficiency, and creates a new era for free office. The lake between zone A and zone B is equipped with water purification system; it offers water resource for irrigation of roof landscape; also, it has a cooling effect for buildings in summer. It’s a way of energy-saving and environment protection.
Planning and design, give buildings vitality.
The cascading exterior walls in zone A like sedimentary rock integrate with mountain ranges. With warm in winter and cool in summer, they reach an energy-saving effect for large-scale building space. Some light wells with different nodes scatter in the roof, and they can make people indoors fully enjoy the bright sunshine outside, let the whole building blend into sunshine and air, and reveal the vitality and passion in harmonious relationship. Ecology cognition garden lays terrazzo floor with river stone which is full of local characteristics, with features of “more healthy, closer to nature, more outdoors activities”; combines multi-level plant landscape layouts, links with mountain forest, wet land and other natural space, and fits into them very well. The landscape takes the lawn and low four seasons flowers as venations, with various shapes of bushes and dot distribution of small size trees, and the intersection of different height of plants, shows different views with the alternation of seasons, sketching out a distinctive green gallery. Energy saving and dynamic features are reflected in headquarters office building of zone B. The exterior facades of office building combine sky courts with metal gauze, having the value of aesthetics and practicability.
The mist of gauze can obstruct dust, let the sunshine in, combine with the virescence, create fresh and natural indoors air and unique landscape, make work environment more interesting and full of more ecology values. The exterior walls of ground floor of zone B are built in the forms of cavities, and we make use of the flow of natural wind to achieve good ventilation effect in office area and parking lot. In this way, we save the energy. At the same time, we plan an independent wireless office area on the roof layer of zone B, and make the building become the place where we can view the landscape, and the landscape become work place. Overlooking the whole area, we can see that the flower and lake area become naturally lakeshore landscape garden and public water garden, and they can make vertical and horizontal ecology process exist continuously. Lakeshore landscape garden and public water garden bring people the cool feelings in summer, and it’s a good place to get close to the nature and enjoy the nature.
We bring the sunshine and air in architecture, make the architecture become the ornament of the nature, give architecture the vitality, and make architecture and nature grow up together……

The sun, the air is introduced into the building, and to let building a natural embellishment. Building life-giving energy, so that construction and natural growth together …… (End)