Jing’an Historical Zone Transformation 


Shanghai lacks salons;  

Jing 'an has a profound historical culture and solid economic basis; 

The 103 Block is the transition from south to the north of Jing’an, and is the district's main source of tax increment; Salon should have a system. 

The concept comes from designer’s view on French mountains scenery on the Lake Geneva; Form is from the analysis of sunshine; Function is from the real cases cooperation of other cities; 

Air salon with a system, which is not only the sitting room of the city, but also its urban oasis, which bears the history and culture of Jing 'an, and also shows the future of the district and even the future of the entire Shanghai.

 Function complex and the system of hole 

Bearing the memory of the city

Showing the history of the city

Preview the future of the city


Project location: Shanghai,China

Project scale: 98,000 m²

Client: Shanghai Jingan Shanghai Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Building cost:RMB700,000,000

Design time :2009

Task: conceptual planning architectural design