Different mixe housing,commercial center and services sous-le-bourg a aigle

''Links "(link) is the keyword of our project in Aigle, Switzerland; as the name implies, the starting point of our design is to establish the organic connection between new building and old street. We hope to make new community become the natural extension of old square and street, and to make architecture get a unique and sustainable identity in this site. 

The goal of the LINK project is to establish characteristic connection between adjacent blocks: the urban structure of this project extends the road network of the surrounding public space and texture of the adjacent streets.

The network composed of streets and squares puts the project in the existing urban structure, this means that you can give the real identity of each field in the site through the detailed planning.

The project which is in complex structure and unifies the different styles of the around architecture has the effect of integration - this is the origin of the name of LINK. The LINK project broadens our vision for sustainable dense urban. In social, environmental, cultural and economic and other aspects of the principle, it highlights the concept of "living together ", and it has a great value at present.

The concept of introducing people flow and rebirth of streets runs through the LINK project. The project transforms the double fountain street, introducing the existing fountain into landscape, and the trickle like silk, links building space and the surrounding environment. Double fountain and downtown street together build a stage for city life, on this stage, the various social functions (such as commercial, office, medical and residential entrance, etc.) can be organized.