Jinhua People Hospital

The new hospital site is adjacent to Wuyi Jiangbin’s Dongshi Nanjie Urban Expressway and the city road Danxi East Road. There is a natural green hill at the east end of the site. The hills as the starting point, and the southeast to the formation of a layer of drop in the fall relationship, has been extended to the Wuyi River, forming a rich level of height difference landscape.

In the design of the Jinhua People’s Hospital, our goal is to create a warm and friendly hospital building that is different from traditional tall buildings and parks. Here, patients can enjoy a bright, warm and homelike environment. Meet, talk, and resonate.

The plan also strongly reflects the concept of multi-center when it comes to mass layout. Make the functional requirements and the layout of the masses consistent with each other. The multi-center layout is reflected in the architectural form, which allows the building to form three similar building masses. Only the height of the building is different (according to the use area requirements), and then a rhythmic building volume relationship is formed. In the design, various departments can be arranged more clearly to facilitate more centralized arrangement of related functions. And it makes it easier for people with various diseases to find where they are going.

Location: Jinhua,China

Project scale: 256,640 m²

Client:  Jinhua People Hospital

Construction cost: 1 billion RMB

Design Date:2016