Leyton old people hospital

The project construction includes a day care center as well as an apartment and medical office section. These functions were placed on a parcel of land and opened to the neighboring building plot near the center of Leyton. The goal of the design is to organize the connection between the new building and the Leyton town centre and to ensure the possibility of future expansion of the project.

The building was created in the play of the gap between the two volumes. This mass design reduces the bulkiness of the body mass and shows a similar scale to the surrounding buildings, all of which leave people with the opportunity to visually escape into the landscape. The feelings created by the “Regards Croisé” are very different from the pedestrians’ feeling outside the building.

The building is located in the north of the site, which liberates a large area in the south of the site. We treat it as a healing garden. It also reserves an area for the future expansion of the building. In addition, by emphasizing the changes in architecture, we Let the " Regards Croisé" continue in the expanded part.


Project location: Leytron, Switzerland

Project scale: 1,300m2

Client: EMS Leytron

Project Time: 2012