Luoyang No.1 Hospital of TCM

We are aware of the impact of architecture itself on the environment and nature. In the era of the city's gradual development, we must also reduce its degree of damage to nature. Therefore, in the design, we blur the boundaries between architecture and nature and hope to maximize the return of natural space.

The well-being of patients is a key design factor in every hospital. The facts can be proved that being surrounded by nature helps speed up the recovery process. Returning to nature is also a huge victory for the hospital.

Our design philosophy is to allow the building to embrace the natural, bird-like gardens and gardens that incorporate the natural landscape into the interior.

The waiting space is always close to the window, and the patient and nature are not isolated by the walls. The patient corridor strives to be the shortest and fastest, and surrounds the green courtyard.

Using the relationship between the site and the road and natural water landscape, weave a multi-dimensional treatment garden.

The inner courtyard garden and the exterior of the building form a variety of gardens, allowing the building to fully integrate into the green natural environment. Provide more comfortable and natural treatment space for medical personnel and patients.

Location. Luoyang, china

Project scale: 262,712 m²

Client: Luoyang No.1 Hospital of TCM

Construction cost: 600 million

Design Date:2016

Task: medical function design, architectural design