Chongqing Red-cross Hospital

The order of the cross

1.1 The Tic-Tac Grid formed by the cross order reserves the greatest adaptability for the integration of the hospital functions, greatly increased the effective use of internal space.

1.2 Carrying and Continuation of Red Cross Culture in Building Space

1.3 is very conducive to modular construction

Arc control

2.1 Externally, the humble return along the street gives the city a buffer and a soft interface.

2.2 Internally, together with existing buildings, a practical and practical courtyard is enclosed.

2.3 At the same time, Arc Control extends the building's interface so that the maximum amount of room can be enjoyed

Natural lighting.

"L" shaped coupling

The "L" line of integrated ducts connects the various functions of the hospital briefly.

Location: Chongqing ,China

Project scale: 107,000 m²

Client: Chongqing Red-cross Hospital

Construction cost: 700 million RMB

Design Date:2016