Extension of EMS  Foundation Clemence Aged people hospital

“Playful at heart” or “young heart”

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

G. Stanley Hall,

This project emerged from an overall interpretation of the site. The main features of this land is an ability to generate several outstanding outdoor connections. These areas have enormous value added quality in terms of enjoinment or usage for the current residents and their potential visitors as well. The first is opening up the views towards the lake Genève, and secondly opening up a central courtyard for the home to focus on.

The new building sits on a steep sloping site, the ground floor becomes elevated with two floors below it, and as such we prioritize indoor outdoor relations on every floor, making the floor below a platform for the floor above.  The home extends to a double volume with the upper volume extending to a maximum height of the existing building, and the lower volume reflecting the height of the buildings surrounding it along the avenue de morges. The predominantly social and recreational areas are on the ground floor: reception, dining and common rooms, recreation such as bath therapy and hair dressing are also located here, linked closely to the existing building which is slightly readjusted to create a central linking corridor to create a smooth circulation and a slightly revamped image of the new residence.

The upper floors and one floor below are used for bedrooms and service areas, including zones for social relations. All bedrooms including double and single enjoy an on suit bathrooms and ether a terrace or a window garden. The light entering the bedrooms is screened by the undulating facade  which shelter the residence from obtrusive views and rooms from direct sunlight, while at the same time open the views out to the lake Genève.

The building materials are extremely simple, Concrete structure, triple gazing with blackout curtains. The outer enclosure and walls are clad in tinted yellow coloured glass, giving it a uniform look.


Project location: Lausanne,Switzerland

Project scale: 5,694 m²

Client: Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Cost : 25 million

Design time: 2014

Construction time: 2016