Nanjing Public Medical center 

We build the construction with mountainous topography, and as well as the orderly gathering and dispersion, clear distribution, obvious limit between clean and soiled area. This project has the following features: efficiency and independence, backbone support, normal safety, emergency reserve, ecological environmental protection, saving and smaxrt energy, convenient for development, easy to grow, caring about the medical and patients, and embracing the mountain. In this project, the mountain scenery and peaceful lake bring patients the feeling of with the care and security, like a pair of arms, opening caring embrace to citizen.

Nanjing Public Medical Center, surrounded by hills, with one thousand and two hundreds’ beds, is located in the Qinglong Mountain, which lies to southeast of Nanjing.  It has a total floor area of about 150,000 square meters.

As the most traditional isolated living quarters for infectious diseases treatment, it is even very difficult for constructions of ordinary project because of the complex mountain topography, water system, and vegetation conditions. What’s more, a conjoint design of various infectious diseases hospital and general hospital is very rare on a global scale.

As the biggest infectious diseases hospital, the building group include a downwind building of tuberculosis, a building of infection of various touch diseases and miscellaneous diseases, and a common non-infectious disease hospital running independently.   These three buildings constitute the core medical zone.  The lower part of these three medical zones is joined by a united medical and technique service zone, where polluted area and unpolluted area are separated and disinfected strictly.   On the one hand, this way divides the different infection areas; on the other hand, it realizes the intensive utilization of medical resources to maximize. The clean underground storage, disinfection area, and logistic zone can dispose pollutants according to zones and control pollutants uniformly.

The emergency center using the quarantine of little valley realize that the center can close automatically, and the infection can expand in a safe area, when it happens sudden infections.  The self-contained resting area for employees in the north high area protects the staff from infection further.

According to the features of the hospital, from the whole hospital to each office and each ward, it realizes the separation of doctor and patient, clean and dirty, polluted area and unpolluted area. And it realizes respective separation and control of pollution area among different infections

While taking advantage of the vertical space, taking the centre area of building group as pollution area, it offers safe and comfortable evacuation square for medical workers and common patients of general hospital.  And it protects the clean and independent management for general hospital.  The flow line of access for infection patient is designed in the bypass road to avoid the entering of infection. And it offers good external conditions for deep separation of internal flow.

And last , the project design take full advantage of natural conditions ,such as the protective screen (mountains), vertical space, the shape of mountain and river system ,as well as the local wind direction , sunlight and so on , and it design successfully a  resources sharing , safe, independent and large-scale infectious disease hospital , by a in-depth study of management features of different infections treatments.

A light wave shape system with sunshade is a way of energy-saving; it also offers soft lighting and privacy atmosphere for indoors. The scenery surrounded by mountains and quiet lake formed by using the area to release the floodwater bring the patient the sense of safety and yearn for life.   It seems like Creator’s caring embrace.



Project location: Jiangning District, Nanjing

Client: Nanjing Public Medical Center

Cost: 860 million

Design time:2012.12

Construction time: 2014

Task: architectural design, medical design