Nanjing Xiaguan Fuxing Street Commerce Project

The Door God of ancient Rome, Janus, has two faces: one face is old, another face is young; the former gazing at "the past", and the latter looking forward to “the future”…... Xiaguan is heavy, she walked through the historical turbulence; Xiaguan is great, she shoulders Nanjing Changjiang Bridge; at the same time, Xiaguan is new, young, vigorous, and energetic......

It seems that Xiaguan has two faces, one face gazing at the past, another face looking forward to the future.

The hope for the future and the pride having been soaked by the history, this is where the unique identity value of Xiaguan lies in. As a region with much development potential, Xiaguan lies in. As a region with much development potential, Xiaguan district adheres to the "ecological modernization" development concept and like a large ship setting sail and moving forward in the wave.

Our design principle:

1. According to the original texture around the monument, we face the monument to give the most sincerely respect to history.

2. The high-rise floors all towards south, which is convenient for people to enjoy the wide river view.

3. We achieve the maximum intensive utilization of land. And we make the best of plot ratio on the premise of meeting all regulations and requirements.

4. We build the multilayer roof garden, maximize the value of catering leisure space, and create a green city, which reflects the "ecological modernization" unique identity of Xiaguan.

5. The clear land distribution is convenient for sales and management. It can be divided and combined.

6. The bus terminal location is relatively independent, and convenient to be built and to run independently.

7. We make the best of passenger flow from metro to bus terminal, and bring it into inside of commercial space.

8. The curving commercial flows maximize the store value.

9.We achieve the comprehensive utilization of underground space, and build a modern vertical city. 

10. The layout is well-spaced, like a ship setting sail, and it symbolizes the future of Xiaguan and the future of Nanjing.

11. The white façade is simple and modern, and is convenient to be built.

Project location: Nanjing ,China

Project scale:  78,000m²

Client: Nanjing Fuxing Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Building cost:RMB540000000

Design time :2012

Task: overall planning, architectural design, landscape design